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BuildrsCRM Trust Center

We enable organizations to maximize their potential by prioritizing security, privacy, compliance, and transparency as we develop and iterate on BuildrsCRM Wingman.

  • BuildrsCRM and AI

    AI tools are already reshaping the enterprise software world, and AI’s role in business will only continue to grow. With Wingman AI, we are at the forefront of the change. Data Privacy, security and data protection are crucial part of our day to day.

  • BuildrsCRM and Security

    BuildrsCRM uses top-notch infrastructure and encryption and an automated vulnerability prevention system. It is being monitored in real time by an auditor internally and externally. We comply with the international OWASP security standard and are annual audits in compliance with the international CASA Tier 2 standard. The latest report can be found here.

  • BuildrsCRM and Privacy

    Your privacy is paramount. We’re committed to handling your data responsibly while delivering an optimal BuildrsCRM experience.

  • BuildrsCRM and Data Flow

    We are handling your data with the highest level of security and care. None of your company’s data is leaving your private and dedicated environment and is strictly protected.

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