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Your Advantage in Sales

AI at the Core, Web3 ready and simple to use.

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“Quara Holding is committed to investing in the future and exploring new technologies that will transform the way we do business. We believe Web3 has the potential to transform customer interactions, and Buildrs can play a key role in making this a reality.”

Ziad El Chaar Vice Chairman of Quara Holding

Do What you Love

For the ambitious, growth-oriented sales teams and solopreneurs who believe in data-driven decisions, and for the forward-thinking enterprises that never want to miss an opportunity.

  • Harness the Power of AI

    With Wingman AI, every lead, every deal, and every customer interaction is optimized for success. Watch as your sales soar with our AI-driven insights and automations.

  • Future-Proof Infrastructure

    Buildrs CRM is designed for the next evolution of the internet – Web3 ready, we seamlessly integrate with blockchain technologies, ensuring your sales data stays current with the emergent digital economy.

  • Less Admin and Shorter Sales Cicles

    Bid farewell to the clutter of complex systems. Wingman’s sleek, intuitive interface elevates user experience, simplifying your processes and amplifying your results.

  • Collaboration and Synergy

    Experience a fully integrated sales ecosystem with Wingman AI. Ensure seamless communication and collaboration across sales, marketing, and support teams.

Wingman AI
Dare to Dream,
Prepare to Lead

Born out of the need for a smarter, more intuitive CRM, Wingman AI is developed by a team of AI specialists and sales veterans.

Our story isn’t just about the technology. It’s about transformation – turning everyone into a super-seller and every deal into a success story.

Designed for the relentless, the go-getters, and the visionary sales teams, Wingman AI is is always available to assist you, supervisor, strategist, and analyst, all rolled into one.

  • Empowerment at Your Fingertips 24/7

    Imagine a world where CRM isn’t just a database, but a dynamic partner that propels your sales team to unprecedented success. Wingman embodies this future – turning every interaction into an opportunity and every strategy into success.

  • Your Goals, Our Mission

    Wingman AI’s intelligence goes beyond data and analytics. It adapts to your company’s heartbeat – the unique goals of your enterprise, the individual strengths of your team, and the distinctive tone of your brand. Personalised to you and your business needs.

  • Unlock the Potential of Every Lead

    Wingman AI doesn’t just manage your leads; it breathes life into them. By prioritizing your pipeline, it ensures that your attention is where the real opportunities lie, so you can convert prospects into loyal customers with ease and precision.

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A CRM that gives you
an advantage

For the ambitious, growth-oriented sales teams and solopreneurs who believe in data-driven decisions, and for the forward-thinking enterprises that never want to miss an opportunity – Buildrs CRM is designed for you.

  • Accelerate Sales Cycles

    Close deals faster with AI-driven lead prioritization.

  • Intelligent Automation

    Delegate to your Wingman AI, automate data entry and spend more time selling and building relationships and

  • Stay Organized

    Easily track and manage customer interactions and follow-ups. Empower your sales team with the tools they need to succeed.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards

    Monitor your team’s pipeline in a single dashboard.

  • Dynamic Reporting

    Automated insights and forecasts that help you steer the sales strategy effectively, with customisation capability.

Autonomy at Its Best

Wingman AI tirelessly updates data, predicts trends, and manages tasks, creating a self-optimizing sales ecosystem that’s always ahead of the curve. AI does the heavy lifting, adapting to new data and evolving strategies in real-time.

  • Updated Data on Autopilot

    Wingman AI ensures your CRM is always populated with the latest, most accurate information.

  • AI-Driven Task Management

    From follow-ups to forecasting, Wingman AI automates the day-to-day, freeing you to focus on closing deals.

  • Real-Time Adaptation

    Market shifts? Changing customer needs? Wingman AI adjusts strategies instantly, no manual intervention required.

  • Autonomous Analytics

    Gain deeper insights as Wingman AI autonomously analyzes sales data to highlight trends, forecast outcomes, and identify growth opportunities.

  • Proactive Lead Nurturing

    The AI detects opportunities within your pipeline and proactively nurtures leads, moving them through the funnel while you focus on the strategy.

Easy to User

Simplicity meets power – the ultimate user experience with Wingman AI.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Easy navigation for all skill levels.

  • Personalised Onboarding

    AI-guided setup customizes the CRM to your specific needs from the start.

  • Adaptive Learning

    Personalized tutorials and content that evolve with your usage patterns.

  • AI Assistance

    Real-time AI support to answer questions and guide CRM navigation from your Wingman.

Reach new heights for your business with the Buildrs CRM