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Blog / Buildrs at Istanbul Fintech Week

Buildrs at Istanbul Fintech Week

BuildrsCRM   on April 19, 2023

Buildrs team just returned from Istanbul Fintech Week that took place 13-14th April 2023, and we were utterly impressed by the trailblazing insights and unbeatable networking opportunities it offered. We’re happy to share our experience and highlights from Istanbul Fintech Week that we took part the last week! From engaging with the brightest fintech startups to learning from industry experts, Istanbul Fintech Week was a truly game-changing experience for our team. We were absolutely floored by the level of innovation and forward-thinking ideas that were presented, and we’re thrilled to put these learnings into action. Our team was so excited by the impact of this event that we couldn’t share our impressions with you firsthand. Therefore, we put together an action-packed video showcasing the key takeaways from Istanbul Fintech Week. Join us in shaping the future, and revolutionize the world with Web3!