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Exploring The UAE, A Center For Web3 Innovation

We’re excited to share the highlights of our recent journey to the United Arab Emirates, a region rapidly becoming a global hub for Web3 and blockchain technology.

During our immersive experience in the vibrant tech ecosystem of the UAE, we connected with innovative startups, collaborated with government and corporate partners, and delved into the thriving Web3 scene. Here are our key discoveries:

1️⃣ Unwavering Government Support: We were inspired by initiatives like Hub71, investing $2 billion to support Web3 startups.

2️⃣ Burgeoning Crypto Ecosystem: With over 1,800 crypto organizations and counting, the UAE is a hotspot for blockchain innovation. We had the pleasure of meeting with Philippe Clonen, who shared insights into the excellent work done by Fireblocks in the region.

3️⃣ Global and Local Connections: The UAE offers unparalleled access to global and local partners, opening up exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth. Special thanks to Bardia Toussi for the insightful discussion on Luna PR‘s community building and global communication efforts.

4️⃣ Emerging Tech Hub: With more than 7,000 individuals working in the Web3 space, the UAE is a magnet for tech talent. We had the privilege of meeting outstanding Web3 experts, such as Olga Broviy, Web3 Tax & Compliance expert, as well as Eugene Yelenchak and Jihad Kandil, who are dedicated to driving Web3 evolution and making a significant impact.

5️⃣ Favorable Regulatory Landscape: The UAE’s regulatory environment is conducive to Web3 projects, making it an ideal place for companies like ours to thrive.

6️⃣ Involvement of DMCC: DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) is pivotal in promoting Web3 technologies. Thank you for welcoming us at DMMC Zaher El Orm and sharing valuable insights into the remarkable work being undertaken by the DMMC and your team.

Our journey to the UAE has reinforced our belief in the potential the UAE becoming a center of Web3 innovation. Therefore, there is no doubt that UAE has the potential to be a strategic hub for Buildrs.

Stay tuned for more updates from Buildrs as we continue to explore and innovate in the world of Web3.🚀🌐